Global Prospective School

Finding your place in the world

Home school approach for the 21st century student with project based learning and private tutoring. 

The human brain is our greatest resource and it must be nurtured and exercised to maintain its strength and ability to learn. In a society where information is abundant and answers can be found instantaneously, it is no longer necessary to know facts, but rather to know how to ask questions and analyze information to discover multiple solutions and pose more questions.  Our world is multi-dimensional and inter- connected and therefore requires a generation of citizens whose perspectives are layered and multi- faceted.

The technology revolution is moving at a rapid pace, and with each new invention the world is growing smaller. People are more connected now than ever before, and the ability to effectively communicate across cultures has become increasingly important. Social networks are doing more than rekindling friendships and reconnecting families, they are assisting in designing businesses and restructuring governments. The opportunities available for our young people today are immense; however,  many are unprepared for the world they will inherit.

We teach our children how to read, write, and calculate, yet we don’t teach them the one skill they will most need…the ability to think.

We upgrade our cell phones and computers yearly, but use the same outdated textbooks to educate our children for years on end.

We have changed the way our TVs look and work several times since the 1950’s , but have not changed the way we present information to our students for at least as many years.

We are (as we should be) conserving energy, trees, and water, but are wasting our most valuable resource, the human mind.

We must take action and teach our children how to flourish in this ever changing world. They must know the value and the importance of their character.

We must value the importance of our children’s most precious asset: their brain.

We must provide opportunities for them to see, think and wonder, and then provide them with an environment in which they can practice and develop those skills.

We must teach our children the importance of balance and moderation in all things so that they can set goals and enjoy the journey they take to reach them.

We must teach our children how to appreciate their strengths and recognize and value that of others. In addition, we must  teach them to acknowledge and accept their own weaknesses, and learn how to share responsibility as well as success with others.

We must teach them that embracing coexistence is vital to achieving peace and success in our world.

Global Prospective School was founded on these beliefs. Its central focus is collaboration and shared leadership. It is about the whole child and his/her place in our world. GPS teaches children how to think, and provides opportunities for them to share ideas and opinions. It allows children to practice achieving success, and learn from failure. GPS recognizes that children learn at different paces, and that there are different routes to the same destination. GPS facilitators embrace each student’s abilities and enjoy the journey with them. We know some children will choose the fastest route and others the scenic; either way the destination is reached and the trip is celebrated. After all, childhood is a journey not a race.

Also serving Wellington and Royal Palm Beach areas!

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